The Second SEAFOODplus Conference

Granville, 03-10-05 to 05-10-05

Award for best presentation

Wim Verbeke from Ghent University, Belgium, received the prestigious award for being the best speaker at the second SEAFOODplus Conference 5 October 2005, for his research on consumer needs and interest in traceability of seafood.

An award jury was established to select the best presentation at the second open SEAFOODplus Conference 5 October 2005. It consisted of three members:

Jörg Oehlenschläger Coordinator of Dissemination in SEAFOODplus, Federal Research Centre for Nutrition and Food in Hamburg, Benhan Thomas Editor of the EUROFISH Magazine, and Ellinor Helland, BioMar Group, Norway. The jury members carefully followed all presentations and were the only people in the audience who could not go out and have a short break in between.

The criteria the jury used for selecting the best presentation were both the scientific content and the technical presentation, i.e. how well the speaker was able to deliver an exciting talk. The presentation should be appealing to a general public, and not only to specialists within the topic. The jury also judged the layout of the power point slides, which should not be packed with too much information, and that the presentation was kept within the time allocated.


The jury stated the following when announcing the winner during the gala dinner:  'Making the decision on the best presentation had been a tough task. However a consensus was reached after long discussions and there was no deviating vote in the award jury. The winner was chosen because he was having very good contact with the audience, had a very logical presentation, was not jumping back and force, made the presentation short, simple and clearly understandable and thus allowed all participants in the auditorium to follow his presentations also when not being an expert in the field. The winner also was enthusiastic about what was presented and showed more engagement in the topic than most of the other speakers.  The winner is….Wim Verbeke.