The Third SEAFOODplus Conference

Tromsø, 29-05-06 to 02-06-06

Award for best presentation

As for previous SEAFOODplus conferences, an award was presented to the best speaker at the Open Conference. The award was announced at the conference banquet at Rica Ishavs Hotel in the evening of 30 May 2006. The evaluation criteria had been communicated to the speakers before the conference, so they could pay attention to it while preparing their presentation.

The SEAFOODplus Coordinator opened the ceremony by presenting the award jury.

The jury consisted of Jörg Oehlenschläger (chairman), manager of dissemination for SEAFOODplus, Jette Warrer Knudsen, journalist at the Danish industry/business newspaper 'Børsen', and Monique Etienne, Key Person in Project 6.3 VALID of SEAFOODplus. The chairman expressed that it had been very diffult to choose the best presentation, as the quality of all had been very high.


And the winner is: Dr. Øyvind Aas-Hansen, Fiskeriforskning, Norway!


The title of the presentation was 'Using SmartTag as operational welfare indicator of farmed fish'.




The award this year has been designed by the Danish artist Birgit Krogh. She is making beautiful art in ceramics. For more information look up The fish designed for the award rests on a sheet where old print plates for making newspapers have been applied for producing the special image of a printed document. An ideal combination illustrating the power of disseminating seafood science to the public!