CONSUMERSURVEY Blocks of activity

Block 1: Consumer seafood survey wave one

The first major block of work will concentrate on the determination of cross-cultural consumer segments in Europe, and will, beside the provision of new insights in its own right into seafood consumption, serve as input for other projects in SEAFOODplus. The different levels of analysis described under the objective will be a major source for distinguishing between different consumer priorities and information requirements, and this information is a prerequisite for meeting consumers needs and wants in the seafood chain from raw spicies (wild as well as farmed) over product handling and product development to the retail level. Thus results will be exploited by other SEAFOODplus projects as well as they may be by the seafood industry and other relevant parties such as government bodies or the Commision. After 18 months, a workshop will be held with the aim of communicating results.

Block 2: Consumer seafood survey wave two

The second major blok of work, wave two, will enable us to trace trends in seafood attitudes and behaviour, and will as a new element compared to wave one, provide an opportunity to investigate how consumers perceive specific activities carried out in other SEAFOODplus projects. This will be possible since wave two will be initiated in year 3, where several of other SEAFOODplus results are available and may be subject for investigation from a consumer point of view.