CONSUMEREVALUATE Blocks of activity

Block 1: Develop a theoretical and methodological platform.

The first block of work will discuss and establish the conceptual, theoretical and methodological platform for designing and measuring consumer evaluation and preferential behaviour related to new and tailor made seafood products. We want to evaluate different research methodologies for testing of ‘real’ products and attributes in consumer environments, and identify relevant antecedents and attributes related to production systems, farmed products, convenience, health and well-being. This will be done with input from various projects (e.g., Project 1 (CONSUMERSURVEY) within this pillar) and other Pillars (particularly Pillar 4 and 5). This block of work is planned to start at month 1 and continue for 18 months.


Block 2: Consumer preferences and willingness to buy convenience and tailor-made seafood products

The second block of work will be the major block of work in this project. It will start after 18 months and continue for 30 months. This project will test ‘real’ consumer products in different consumer settings in order to explain consumers’ perception and behaviour related to convenience and tailor-made seafood products. We expect that after 2 years, it should be possible to test products, attributes and information cues carried out in the other projects – and go further in the development process from a consumer point of view. This project will be integrated with other Pillars in the area of product development of seafood products and attributes. In this respect, especially ideas and concepts from Pillar 4 and Pillar 5 will be discussed and investigated.