The First SEAFOODplus Conference

Copenhagen, 04-10-2004 to 06-10-2004

First meeting of the External Advisory Board of SEAFOODplus 6 October 2004

The scientific skills of the members of the External Advisory Board for SEAFOODplus reflect the scientific contents in the 6 RTD areas and the 20 projects. The board members, having been recruited world-wide, are highly knowledgeable within the specific RTD area they are assigned to provide advice on, and at the same time having a broad scientific experience enabling them to advice on the entire SEAFOODplus research programme.


The members of the EAB were present during all three days of the SEAFOODplus events in October, which gave them a good overview of the activities of the partners. They also had the opportunity to discuss with the researchers within the RTD area they had been assigned to advice, and they participated in the meetings of projects and pillars and discussed collaboration that could lead to an improved scientific integration of project activities. During the open conference several members participated actively in the discussions following each presentation.    

Towards the end of the SEAFOODplus conference days, the EAB had their first meeting together with the Council, where advice was given to the ongoing activities. The main conclusions from their report can be read in the EXECUTIVE SUMMARY .

Further information on the External Advisory Board and the members can be found on the specific web page designed.