Other presentations by SEAFOODplus partners

In addition to the results presented at the session arranged specifically for SEAFOODplus, several members presented results at other sessions, and the Coordinator contributed to the conclusions of the whole AQUA2006 Conference with a statement presented at the wrap-up session in the evening of Saturday 13 May 2006. Below are given some highlights of other presentations given by SEAFOODplus members.




EU Projects on welfare



This session was chaired by Mario Lopez Dos Santos from DG Fisheries of the European Commission.

At the session a presentation was delivered with the title

SEAFOODplus - Ethical quality traits in farmed fish

Authors: Hilde Toften* and Børge Damsgård, Fiskeriforskning, Norway

The presentation contained results from the SEAFOODplus project 6.2 ETHIQUAL


Product Quality and Food Safety

This session started Thursday 11 May and continued Friday 12 May 2006. The following SEAFOODplus related presentations were given:

Overview presentation on quality products from aquaculture

Torger Børresen, Danish Institute for Fisheries Research

Human pathogenic viruses in bivalve molluscan shellfish: public health implications and progress towards control

Bill Doré*, Albert Bosch and Monique Pommepuy

*Marine Institute, Galway, Ireland

Chain traceability for farmed rainbow trout

Marco Frederiksen* and Niels Henrik Henriksen

*Danish Institute for Fisheries Research

The Tracefish standard - a tool for integration of the fish value chain

Jostein Storøy* and Petter Olsen

*SINTEF, Trondheim, Norway


From left: Bill Doré, Marco Frederiksen, Jostein Storøy