The Launching conference of SEAFOODplus

Brussels, 22-01-2004


Overview of SEAFOODplus Integrated Project
Coordinator, professor Torger Børresen, DIFRES, DK

Seafood and nutrition
Professor Gertjan Schaafsma, TNO, NL

Seafood and consumer behaviour and well-being
Associate Professor Karen Brunsø, MAPP, DK

Seafood safety
Senior Scientist William Dore, CEFAS, UK

Seafood from source to consumer product
Senior Scientist Joop Luten, NIFA, NO and RIVO, NL

Seafood from aquaculture
Senior Scientist Børge Damsgård, NIFA, NO

Seafood traceability to ensure consumer confidence
Chief Consultant Erling Larsen, DIFRES, DK