Major achievements in FISHGASTRO

Gastro-intestinal health with special emphasis on reduction of risk of colon cancer and inflammatory bowel disease

Major achievements in 2004

The work so far has consisted of establishing standardised protocols among the partner institutes, of which one is in the UK, two in the Netherlands, and one in Germany. Ethical approval has been obtained in all countries involved, and volunteers for the intervention studies have been recruited. Clear participant information sheets have been produced to allow all volunteers to understand their role in the study. Recipe books have been produced in the UK with suggested recipes so people can cook their fish in a variety of different dishes. The intervention study will continue until 270 subjects have completed the trial. Analysis of dietary data, biopsy and faecal samples will be on-going up until 2008.

Appointments have been made for supplying fish for the intervention studies. The aim was to obtain salmon and cod from aquaculture facilities to supply fish with well defined and standardised composition. For salmon this has not been a problem, but for cod it has been necessary to supply the fish samples from ordinary catches. Within the second block of activities personnel has been recruited and trained for the research to be performed, but further development will await the progress of the research in the first block of activities.

Projectleader FISHGASTRO

Dr. Elizabeth Lund