Major achievements in CONSUMEREVALUATE

Consumer evaluation and willingness to buy convenience and tailor-made seafood products

Major achievements in 2006

The first field experiments, the fishburger-tests (WP 2.4.2), were conducted both in Norway and Spain. It covered young consumers (students) as well as their parents in the Norwegian part of the study, and Spanish students in the second part of this study. Results from this study were presented on the third SEAFOODplus conference in Tromsø, and at the MAPP 2006 conference in Middelfart, Denmark. The Norwegian consumers gave mostly positive evaluation of the fishburger, while the Spanish students were less satisfied with the product. Even though the product was made to target a young population, the parents liked the product better than their children. Our preliminary results suggest that attitudes toward fish, health involvement and interest in new product were positive related to satisfaction with the burger, among the Norwegian pupils. Satisfaction with the burger was highly correlated with intention to buy. Expectations from the family had a very high influence of the Norwegian students’ evaluation of the burger, as well as their intention to buy the burger. The differences in the evaluation between products tested in the canteen and at home were, at large, not significant.


The second workpackage (2.4.3) involved a consumer test in Spain with enriched seafood products developed in Project 4.4. We have during the last part of 2006 developed the design and questionnaire for performing the study. This study investigates consumers’ perceived quality, satisfaction, buying intention and willingness to pay for these products, and the data will be collected early in 2007 in cooperation with Project 4.4. The third workpackage (2.4.4) studies consumer evaluation, buying intention and willingness to pay for seafood products made by different ethical systems and degrees of convenience, as well as aspects of the effect of different information/labelling. Most of the planning of this study was performed in 2006, including developing of the research designs, preparing and testing the questionnaires, and performing cues for test of information and convenience. This study is performed late 2006 in Iceland, the Netherlands and Spain, in cooperation with Project 2.2.


Prof. Svein Ottar Olsen, PhD

NIFA, Norway