Major achievements in REFHEPA

Development of standard reference methods for hepatitis A virus and Norovirus in bivalve molluscan shellfish

Major achievements in 2006

Standardisation and validation among partners of a PCR method for the detection of HAV a real-time one-step RT-TaqMan PCR method developed previously in the project has been completed. With regard to norovirus significant progress has been made. A reliable, robust procedure for detection of norovirus GGII has been developed and is nearing completion of standardisation and partner validation. For GGI improvements have been made to existing procedures and internal controls have been constructed. This assay is being finalised and validated further by partners. Next steps in the project is to begin ring-trial validations of the assays and reference materials in number of laboratories throughout Europe. This work will be co-ordinated with the work of the CEN/TC 275/WG6/TAG4 committee (Horizontal methods for the molecular detection of viruses in food).

Projectleader REFHEPA

Dr. Albert Bosch

UB, Spain