Major achievements in PROPEPHEALTH

High-added value functional seafood products for human health from seafood by- products by innovative mild processing

Major achievements in 2005

The strong collaboration between the SMEs and the R&D partners in the production of fish protein hydrolysates (FPH) has been succesfull. The effects of various process parameters (temperature, pH, time enzyme/substrate, membrane filtration) on the quality of the hydrolysate were investigated. Calciotropic and gastrointestinal activities were demonstrated in shark protein hydrolysates. In hydrolysate samples from shark and saithe antioxidative activities were detected. Moderate ACE-inhibiting (blood pressure lowering) effects were found in some samples. Also anticancer activities were measured in some FPHs.


Physical and sensory properties of wet extracted proteins and FPHs were analysed. The results show that the physical properties need to be improved in order to use these products for food applications and that the development of lipid oxidation and formation of off-flavours need to be controlled and minimized in order to be able to make products acceptable by consumers.

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Bioactive components identified in enzyme hydrolysed fish proteins 15-06-05
Screening of hydrolysates obtained from by-products and underutilised fish has shown several promising effects.

Projectleader PROPEPHEALTH

Gudjon Thorkelson

IFL, Iceland