Major achievements in PROPEPHEALTH

High-added value functional seafood products for human health from seafood by- products by innovative mild processing

Major achievements in 2004

A strong collaboration has been developed between 3 SMEs and the R&D partners in the production of fish hydrolysates from many species. Further, the isolation of peptides, protein fractions and characterisation for possible health effects has been carried out. A screening test indicates that some hydrolysed fish proteins can be associated with anti-hypertensive compounds, anti-cancer molecules, anti-oxidative activities and calcitonin and calcitonin gene related peptide activities.

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High scientific output expected from RTD 4 pillar 'Seafood from source to consumer product' 04-02-04

In last week of January and first week of February the four kick off meetings of RTD 4 pillar were held. The research teams expect to submit approx. 25 publications in the first period of 18 months. Popular article about texture softening of muscle and an overview paper about by products from seafood

Projectleader PROPEPHEALTH

Gudjon Thorkelson

IFL, Iceland