Major achievements in CONSUMERPRODUCTS

Consumer driven development of innovative tailor-made seafood products (with functional components from plant or marine origin) to improve health of consumers

Major achievements in 2004

On the basis of a survey among Dutch consumers six clusters of consumers were identified according to their food related lifestyle with respect to convenience orientation, health orientation, their motives and barriers towards seafood aspects. Qualitative sessions were performed for two of the six clusters that were identified as potentially interested in functional seafood products. For each cluster, general needs and wishes for seafood products were identified. These consumer needs were linked to technical possibilities for future seafood products development.

Selenium enriched garlic has been produced and feed blends for farming experiments have been made containing this ingredient. Antioxidant dietary fibers have been produced and have proven to be very useful in terms of preventing lipid oxidation of the fatty fish matrices upon frozen storage.

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High scientific output expected from RTD 4 pillar 'Seafood from source to consumer product' 04-02-04

In last week of January and first week of February the four kick off meetings of RTD 4 pillar were held. The research teams expect to submit approx. 25 publications in the first period of 18 months. Popular article about texture softening of muscle and an overview paper about by products from seafood

Coordinator ITD pillar 6


CSIC, Spain