Major achievements in METHODOLOGY

Seafood traceability to ensure consumer confidence: METHODOLOGY

Major achievements in 2006

New information elements from the results of the other RTD pillars in the SEAFOODplus project has been defined and added to the vocabulary in the SEAFOODplus/Tracefish vocabulary. This continuous update of the vocabulary ensures that the latest results coming from other RTD pillars in the SEAFOODplus project will be available for use in the whole fish industry in practice and in addition facilitate transfer of the resulting new information elements to the consumer/end user.


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The GIS server development, the SEAFOODplus map service, that has been developed in the project is finished and is now available in the SEAFOODplus document to be dowloaded below.


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Preliminary to the development of a Good Traceability Practice (GTP) guideline ‘manual,’ a literature study about traceability has been conducted to investigate the status of traceability systems in the fish industry. General traceability concepts are covered as well as fundamental identification concepts according to GS1. Different types of data carriers and food traceability standards are also reviewed. As a comparison, traceability experiences and applications of RFID-tagging within the pharmaceutical industry are reported, too.


Report available for download in the SEAFOODplus Publication Series:

SEAFOODplus report 6.1.2 Maria Randrup and Marco Frederiksen,  Traceability - a literature review, 19 pages, 2007. ISBN  978-87-7075-004-2.


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