Step forward in innovative tailor-made seafood with functional selenium components from plants

One of the objectives in project 4.4 CONSUMERPRODUCTS of SEAFOODplus is to develop innovative functional seafood products from farmed fish, containing health-promoting compounds.

It is the aim to study the possibilities to incorporate Se-(alkyl)selenocysteine from vegetable origin via dietary modulation of fish. The first innovative step in this project was the production of Se-enriched plants from garlic. Levels up to 700 µg Se/kg dry weight of the garlic have been reached. Specific organo selenium components (Se-methylselenocysteine, selenomethionine and y-glutamyl-Se-methylselenocysteine) were determined in the water-soluble fraction.

Now recently the dose response feeding trials has started at The Netherlands Institute for Fisheries Research with African catfish. During a period of 2-3 months catfish is fed with feed containing increasing amounts of seleno components from garlic. At the end of this period samples of the fish fillets will be analysed by various partners for the various functional compounds including selenium. Observations so far showed that the catfish is growing very well on the feed and that the garlic flavor present in the feed and system is accepted by the fishes.

 See the movie for an impression of the fish farming feeding trials (5.7 MB)


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