The Second SEAFOODplus Conference

Granville, 03-10-05 to 05-10-05

Short presentation of speakers in the order they appear in the programme

Laurent Beauvais
President, Regional Council Commission for Research, Innovation and Education


Georges Cornier
President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Torger Børresen
Professor Dr Torger Børresen, PhD, is Research Director of the Department of Seafood Research at the Danish Institute for Fisheries Research and a Professor of Food Technology at the Technical University of Denmark. He has a long-standing experience as manager of research at all levels, counting project leadership, management of project groups and a research centre, department management and top administrative management at research institute level. Due to his academic skills he has been serving at research councils, advisory groups for research within the food and technology area nationally and internationally, and is still active in the academic world, serving e.g. on editorial boards for scientific journals. 


Ragnar Jóhannsson
Dr. Ragnar Jóhannsson is a physical chemist within the field of colloidal chemistry. He was for 6 years head of Environmental and Chemical Department at the Technological Institute of Iceland. He has experience in research on microemulsions and amhiphilic self-assembly as well as characterization of physical gel properties. He has been involved in many consulting jobs regarding chemical processes and environmental impact studies. His expertise is in the field of colloidal chemistry, environmental chemistry and chemical processing.


Rozenn Ravallec-Plé
Dr Rozenn Ravallec-Plé, University of Lille 1, has been involved in research on bioactive activities in fish and shellfish hydrolysates. After 3 years thesis at the Laboratory of Marine Biology, working on the presence of growth factors and gastrin-like peptides in cod hydrolysates, she currently studies the secretagogue activity of hydrolysates from different sources.


Patrick Bourseau
Professor Patrick Bourseau, University of South Brittanny, has been involved in research on desalting and purification on marine biopolymers (gelatin, chondroïtin sulphate) and marine flavours by membrane processes and associated technologies for over 5 years. He currently manages the PROGEBIO scientific consortium gathering research teams from various Universities (South Brittany, Nantes, Rennes) and Research Institutes (IFREMER, INRA) that works in the field of Process Engineering applied to Bio resources.


Sjöfn Sigurgisladottir
Dr. Sjöfn Sigurgisladottir is the Managing Director of the Icelandic Fisheries Laboratories (IFL). She has been project leader for more than 20 research and development projects.  She has been the coordinator for two EU projects (one CRAFT project and one research project) and two projects financed by the Nordic Industry found. She has 15 publications in reviewed international journals. The work has been mainly focused on new products and new/improved technology, specifically concerning quality and safety of food products. She has extensive experience in applied research in collaboration with the industry and development work for the industry. She is a member of the Council of the National Research Fund.


Adriaan Kole
Dr Adriaan Kole from Netherlands Institute for Fisheries Research has 10 years of experience in applied research in consumer perception and marketing of food products. With a background in psychology, he specialised in cognitive psychology (factors), human perception and food product appreciation. His consumer behaviour research group has an extensive European network and it controls the largest European consumer in-home testing network, TasteNet.


Mercedes Careche
Dr Mercedes Careche, PhD, is Vicedirector of the of Instituto del Frío, CSIC, Spain, where she is Associate Professor in Food Science & Technology. She works on the quality improvement, and evaluation of fish products and on the structural/functional changes of muscle components.  She has experience in management of research projects, (EU, National and Regional Administrations, International Bodies, and Industry). She is acting as a member of evaluation boards for research, academic examination, and advisory boards for strategic R&D plans.


Alistair Lane
Mr Alistair Lane is Executive Director of the European Aquaculture Society, based in Belgium. He has a MSc. in Marine Biology. He has worked in the aquaculture feeds business in UK, France and Spain, with responsibilities in distribution, marketing and general management. He has participated in specialised courses including the strategic management of technology and innovation and has a Trinity College TEFL certificate from Windsor Schools. He was Project Leader of the EU project AquaFlow, and has a special interest in communication and in networks. He is on the list of experts for the evaluation of 6FP projects – notably concerned with networking and SME measures.


Børge Damsgård
Dr Børge Damsgård, NIFA, Norway. He has a position as a principal scientist. He has a wide research experience in experimental fish biology since 1990, including studies of physiological and behavioural effects of husbandry and aquaculture systems, using a wide range of methods and species such as Atlantic salmon, Arctic charr, cod and halibut. He has been coordinating a number of research projects and is active in several international projects. He is currently leading a 5-years strategic research program about ethical questions in farmed fish, funded by the Norwegian Research Council.


Heidi Nilsen
Dr. Heidi Nilsen is a senior scientist at the Norwegian Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture Research. The main focus of her work has been within the field of spectroscopic measurement methods and multivariate data analysis applied for quality control of foods. She has been involved in method development for rapid determination of fish freshness, and methodology for instrumental assessment of fat-, water-, and salt content in fish. She is also involved in the development of an imaging system for quality control for the fish processing industry. Dr. Nilsen has participated in several European projects on fish quality and measurements methods.


Gunnar Senneset
Mr. Gunnar Senneset is a senior researcher at SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture. He has long experience from research and development in information technology both at SINTEF and Norwegian Information Technology (NIT). Before returning to SINTEF in 2004, he worked 11 years in Scandiaconsult as a senior consultant and manager with focus on supply chain management solutions for companies in various industries, e.g. food paper/pulp and retail. Main fields of competence are logistics, simulation and systems integration. He is now focusing on the use of new technology for automatic identification and data capture, with projects both in the fish industry and meat industry.


Miguel Angel Pardo
Dr Miguel Angel Pardo, senior researcher in AZTI, has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and has managed research projects involved in genetic identification of species and detection of pathogens in seafood products during the last years.


Wim Verbeke
Professor Wim Verbeke from Ghent University in Belgium is involved in theoretical as well as empirical activities. He has carried out research activities in the field of consumer decision-making towards food and influencing factors, with specific attention paid to the role and impact of information and communication. Work has been performed with respect to meat consumption during 1998-2002 and the experience gained from these studies is now extended to other food categories including seafood.