The Greater Argentine is a possible new raw material for minced, formed or other innovative fish products

The study presented is part of the deliverables from the project 4.4 CONSUMERPRODUCTS. The Norwegian partner Møre Research examines technological suitability of selected underutilised species as possible raw materiel sources for consumer-driven development of functional seafood products.


Authors: Ann H. Hellevik, Marianne Synnes and Iren Stoknes. Moere Research, Aalesund Norway.


After preliminary investigations a selection of 22 underutilised fish species of possible interest for further product development was presented (Synnes and Stoknes, 2004). Three relevant species were selected for further investigation. The decision was based on factors like: FAO catch recommendations, proposed suitability for restructured products and availability. The species selected were: Northern Wolffish (Anarhichas denticulatus), Greater Argentine (Argentina silus) and Polar cod (Boreogadus saida).


The objective of the study was to investigate the raw material properties of muscle fractions by analysis of technological suitability.


The flesh of all the examined species were white and lean. The fat content of the muscle fraction varied between 0.9 and 1.6%. Northern Wolffish had low protein content (9.9%) and corresponding high water content (89%). Greater Argentine had a high protein content (18.7%) and low water content (79.1%). Greater Argentine had very good water holding capacity of frozen and thawed material compared to the other species tested, including the reference species Cod (Gadus morhua

*Polar cod result is from a collected sample from 17 individuals

In this study three different underutilised species have been analysed with emphasis on their raw material properties. It can be concluded that Greater Argentine has the best potential for being a suitable raw material for further product development.


The chemical composition of flesh from Greater Argentine is favourable because of its high protein content, acceptable fat content (1.6 %) and quite low water content (79.1%). The physical properties of flesh from Greater Argentine are very good. The water holding capacity is high and water- and cook loss low. The colour of the flesh is also white and acceptable.



Synnes, M. and Stoknes, I. 2004. Underutilised fish species. A selection of underutilised fish species as possible raw material for product development in the project Consumerproducts which is part of the EU-project SEAFOODplus. Report no Å0419, Møre Research, Norway.


Hellevik A.H., Synnes M. and Stoknes, I. 2005. Underutilised fish species. Raw material properties of muscle fraction from Greater Argentine, Northern Wolffish and Polar Cod. Part of the project Consumerproducts which is part of the EU-project SEAFOODplus. Report no Å0509, Møre Research, Norway.