ITD 1 Communication to Industry, Consumer and Public Administration; Socio-economic, Gender and Ethical aspects

The objective of this activity is

- to ensure, through the effective cooperation of the end-users’ organisations, that the results produced in the consortium will be exploited and the knowledge adequately disseminated beyond the consortium.


During the first 18 months period a framework will be set up for establishing efficient communication with major industry and consumers’ associations in order to plan dissemination of project results and to get feedback and thus an extended dialogue with such associations. This will be done on a European basis involving associations acting as umbrella organisations for national organisations in member states, as well as on a regional and national basis.


The objective of the activities in the first period is to prepare the ground for dissemination and other activities specifically directed against this target group, such that the results form the consortium can be communicated as soon as they appear. The activity will constitute a part of the total dissemination plan.

A similar network will be established with the bodies involved in public administration on European, regional and national level.


An overview of how the SEAFOODplus meet the requirements for socio-economic, gender and ethical aspects will also be performed by the activities of this ITD pillar. A suitable management platform for doing so will be established in the first 18 months period.


Coordinator ITD pillar 1

dr. Lucay Han-Ching