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Kick-off meeting for SEAFOODplus participants in RTD Pillar 2, 5-6 February 2004 23-02-04

Pillar coordinator Karen Brunsø (MAPP) welcomed 12 participants at the kick off meetings for the 4 project with RTD Pillar 2 'Seafood and consumer well-being and behaviour'. The overall aim of the meeting was that all participants get to know each other and the content of all four projects in Pillar...


The first BIOQUAL project meeting, Brussels, January 20-21, 2004 18-02-04

The project meeting was by all accounts a very constructive start to exciting and challenging long-term collaborative research efforts within the BIOQUAL partnership. Each partner introduced and highlighted their project-specific areas of expertise, and elaborated on how various lines of research wo...


A jump start of RTD 6 ”Seafood traceability to ensure consumer confidence” 09-02-04

In the second week of February the core group members of RTD 6* met in Copenhagen. The projects are all started and a tight schedule for collaboration has been established between projects. The work with the common language of “traceability” is set on track.


Close links between projects on viruses in shellfish anticipated to produce increased safety for European consumers 07-02-04

Kick off meetings for REFHEPA and REDRISK were held on 6th and 7th of February at IFREMER, Issy-les-Moulineaux in Paris. These projects are closely linked and there will be considerable interaction between them throughout their lives. The projects will ensure the mobilisation of the leading scientis...


RTD Pillar 3 Kick off meetings for projects 3.1 REFHEPA and 3.2 REDRISK 07-02-04

Both meetings opened with a short presentation from Bill Dore the coordinator of pillar 3 outlining the structure and strategy of SEAFOODplus in general and Pillar 3 specifically. An emphasis was placed on the need for the two projects to work closely together and to investigate opportunities to lin...





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