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Connecting technical quality parameters of seafood with consumers’ preferences 01-07-07

As a part of the integration between two of the projects within SEAFOODplus, a training study has been performed by a researcher from University of Coruña visiting Instituto del Frio in Madrid with the aim of connecting technical quality parameters with consumers’ preferences


Lydia Halim winner of the seafood design contest 28-05-07

On the 5th of March the winner of the seafood design contest, Lydia Halim, received the SEAFOODplus honorary certificate and a prize of 500 Euro for the best design. Lydia Halim is a student from Indonesia at the Wageningen UR, The Netherlands. She is studying food technology.


Fourth Open SEAFOODplus Conference in Bilbao 13-05-07

In the latest popular article published in the Eurofish magazine some highlights are given of what will be presented in Bilbao 4 - 6 June 2007. Until now 21 articles have been published explaining what SEAFOODplus is all about in popular terms. All articles can be downloaded.


IFREMER student visits Fiskeriforskning for training 09-05-07

As part of the SEAFOODplus training programme PhD student Sandie Millot and her supervisor Marie-Laure Bégout from IFREMER visited Fiskeriforskning in Tromsø for aquaculture studies


Prix d'Elite awards to Associate of SEAFOODplus 29-04-07

The Spanish company Angulas Aguinaga, being an Associated Member of SEAFOOdplus won two prizes at the European Seafood Exposition in Brussels 24 April 2007. Two other companies working with SEAFOODplus were rated finalists.





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