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First results from FP 6 Food presented in Brussels 21-12-06

SEAFOODplus was one of the projects presented for a large audience of stakeholders in the Parliament building Tuesday 12 December 2006


Innovative marine lipid extraction developed and applied on sardine by-products 30-11-06

Extraction of valuable marine lipids from fish by-products is difficult due to the complex composition of the raw material. A new procedure has been developed applying enzymatic hydrolysis and ultrafiltration. The research behind the method was performed as a Ph.D. study within SEAFOODplus.


SEAFOODplus member of FP6 communication network 14-11-06

Effective communication is a tool for success in FP6, but many researchers find it difficult to explain scientific results for target groups outside the academic world. A network for improving communication skills has now been established.


SEAFOODplus and InnovaRFID joint workshop 31-10-06

A two day programme about RFID technology status and experiences with testing and implementations will be presented in the Rica Nidelven Hotel.


New, powerful method speeds up analysis of lipid destruction 15-10-06

Lipid research in SEAFOOD plus has developed new ways to analyse lipid oxidation with the purpose of improving the stability of processed seafood. Read about the most recent results obtained with the new method.



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