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What do European consumers know about fish? 20-10-05

A recent study in five different European countries reveals what consumers know, and what they believe they know, about fish.


European fish consumption below recommended levels 14-10-05

A SEAFOODplus project delivers data showing that fish consumption in Europe is below the ‘twice a week’ recommendation, especially among young consumers.


The same fish samples tested in four different countries at the same time 30-09-05

For the first time it has been possible to test how consumers in different countries like fish by serving exactly the same samples to all.


New method for elucidating regulation of fat deposition in salmonid fish 09-09-05

A SEAFOODplus research group has successfully developed a method for assessing the peptide ghrelin in fish plasma. This will help optimize lipid levels in tailor made aquaculture products.


SEAFOODplus ready to serve industry better 24-06-05

A new step has been taken to involve industry. Interested companies can now register as Associates of SEAFOODplus and benefit from the results.





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