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Considering animal welfare when harvesting fish from aquaculture 08-10-06

SEAFOODplus is considering both animal welfare and product quality when harvesting fish from aquaculture. Methods have been developed with common carp where the fish is rendered unconscious without any suffering prior to killing, while a high product quality is retained.


New model for SME cooperation developed 01-10-06

How can small and medium sized enterprises in the fish business stay competitive in the future? The solution may be a new concept now being developed, where the management elements in a big company have been analysed and adapted for cooperation among SMEs.


Major breakthrough in fighting histamine poisoning 25-09-06

A new bacterium, Morganella psychrotolerance, responsible for histamine poisoning has been identified. An award winning poster showed the new development at a major international food safety conference recently.


Reducing risk of viral contamination in shellfish 12-09-06

Virus research in SEAFOODplus points at a new way for developing management systems to improve protection of European consumers towards contaminated shellfish


SEAFOODplus presented in Firenze 29-08-06

At the AQUA2006 International Conference and Exhibition,

9-13 May 2006, SEAFOODplus was granted a full session for presenting the latest research news in the total aquaculture production chain



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