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Information and health-related beliefs as determinants of fish consumption 12-04-08

A PhD thesis from the SEAFOODplus consumer research pillar was successfully defended 29 February 2008. Consumers’ health-related beliefs and knowledge about fish have been identified as important determinants of fish consumption.


The future of SEAFOODplus presented 10 June in Copenhagen 04-04-08

The outlines of a new science based research platform will be presented at the SEAFOODplus Conference in Copenhagen 8-10 June. An updated programme is now available and can be downloaded. Registration is still open.


A new fast method has been developed for detecting pathogenic bacteria in seafood 27-03-08

By applying a newly developed real-time PCR method, more than 100 strains of Vibrio species have been collected and analysed in one of the SEAFOODplus projects. Although Vibrio parahaemolyticus strains are present in a large number in bivalves the proportion of strains able to cause disease is low.


A practical guide for validation of traceability systems in the seafood chain 20-03-08

As a response to the necessity to achieve a correct implementation of traceability systems in the fishing industry and to demonstrate its reliability, a practical guide has been developed for the verification and validation of traceability in the fish value chain.


New pre-slaughtering conditions and quality index of turbot 13-03-08

A quality index is suggested for turbot (Psetta maxima) after applying new pre-slaughtering conditions consisting of electrical stunning in holding tanks followed by killing the unconscious fish by adding ice. This was compared to current industrial practice.





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