Partner 8: Wageningen University (WU-HNE)

 WU is a higher education entity established in the Netherlands by law in 1918. In recent decades it has evolved into one of the world’s leading education and research centers in the plant, animal, environmental, agrotechnological, food and social sciences. Wageningen University has five departments, approximately 2329 employees and a budget of € 200 million is of which € 128 million is governmental funding and € 72 million is external funding. The Division of Human Nutrition of the Department Agrotechnology and Food Sciences is involved in SEAFOODplus. The Research at the Division is directed towards studying the role of diet and other lifestyle factors in human health and well-being including the understanding of the underlying mechanisms from a biological and behavioural perspective. Studies are directed towards problems in Western and non-Western countries using a variety of research methods ranging from experiments at a molecular level, through controlled human dietary interventions to observational studies at a population level.

Key person

Professor Gertjan Schaafsma (coordinator of RTD Pillar 1)
Dr. Ellen Kampman (Project 1.1 FISHGASTRO).