Improved seafood sensory quality for the consumer


15. University College Cork (UCC), Ireland; 9. Icelandic Fisheries Laboratories (IFL), Iceland, 4. Institute for Marine Resources and Ecosystem Studies (IMARES), The Netherlands, 1. National Institute of Aquatic Resources (DTU Aqua), Denmark.


The main objective of the project is:

To develop and apply consumer oriented Seafood Sensory Quality Models that will enable the seafood industry to improve the eating quality of seafood available to consumers, will encourage increased seafood consumption, and by doing so contribute to improved consumer health. 


The research within the project is described in three major blocks of activities that represent the themes of three workpackages: During the first 18 months (1) To determine seafood eating quality preferences and (2) To develop and validate seafood sensory quality models and to determine effects of environmental factors on seafood sensory quality, and after the 18 months (3) To apply seafood quality models to improve seafood quality and increase consumer seafood intake. 


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What influences seafood consumption?


Involvement of partners:

UCC started as project leader, but has left the project during the first 18 month period. IFL has taken over as the project leader. IFL participates in preference mapping studies and descriptive sensory analyses, and leads WP 2.2.3 (application of Seafood Eating Quality Models) following the first 18 month period. DIFRES will lead the development of Seafood Eating Quality Models in WP 2.2.2, but will also participate in preference mapping studies and descriptive analyses. RIVO will lead planning of environmental studies, also to be carried out in WP 2.2.2, and will participate in preference mapping studies. In addition, this research will be carried out in close collaboration with the fish industry, particularly SME’s, fish importers and exporters, and retailers in Europe. 


Major research achievements

The major research achievements are described in the following subpages for each project year:


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Projectleader SEAFOODSENSE

Emilia Martinsdottir

IFL, Iceland