Fifth SEAFOODplus Conference

Copenhagen 08-06-08 to 10-06-08


Session 8 Cooperation with the seafood industry and future of SEAFOODplus

Moderators: Torger Børresen, DK, Coordinator SEAFOODplus


Begoña Peréz-Villarreal, ES, coordinator ITD area 3


In this session it was explained how the cooperation with the seafood industry has been carried out in SEAFOODplus, and some of the demonstration projects were presented highlighting how research results have been successfully transferred to use in industry.

Finally the future of SEAFOODplus after the present project period was presented. A science based research platform will be established 1 January 2009. The present consortium members are so committed to continue the work of promoting good seafood science that they will support this platform. However, new members will also be invited to join the consortium. The launch has been published in the Parliament Magazine 17 March 2008, issue 263, page 52

Download SEAFOODplus announcement only



The cooperation with the seafood industry in demonstration projects


Begoña Perez-Villareal, AZTI-Technalia, Spain and industry representatives








The future of SEAFOODplus – the SEAFOODplus research platform


Torger Børresen, DTU Aqua, Denmark