About the platform, our vision and our goals
Why a SEAFOODplus research platform?
The Integrated Project SEAFOODplus running in the period 2004-08 was very successful in achieving the ambitious goals set and the results has been important for promoting the seafood area in general. SEAFOODplus has delivered several breakthrough research results in the areas of seafood and health, consumers and seafood, seafood safety, seafood quality and product development and aquaculture. The management structure has contributed to the integration of several scientific disciplines within the seafood area. SEAFOODplus has become a brand label for highly qualified seafood research managed in a professional way. Therefore we wish to take this development a step further by launching the SEAFOODplus research platform.
The vision of the SEAFOODplus research platform is:
To be the preferred research platform for major stakeholders in all aspects of the seafood science, industry, policy makers and financing bodies in Europe particularly addressing research supported by the EU.
To work for continued and effective integration of the best research environments in academia and industry with the aim of having European seafood research to be recognised as the world leaders in seafood science
The mission of the SEAFOODplus research platform is:
To begin, stimulate and encourage international integrated multidisciplinary seafood research covering the whole production chain from aquaculture and fisheries till consumers health and well-being.
To influence the European research agenda with focus on seafood research related to human health, consumers perception and well-being, process and product quality, product development, safety and aquaculture as source for seafood.
To bring forward and promote the project ideas from the scientific community via the channels at the scientific level of the European Commission in addition to existing Technology Platforms.