Associates of SEAFOODplus

A new possibility for receiving news about the most recent developments in SEAFOODplus has been opened with the purpose of implementing research results as quickly as possible. In order to obtain this companies are invited to become Associate Members of SEAFOODplus. The conditions and procedures are described in the document ‘Guidelines for Adoption of Associated Members to SEAFOODplus’.

The pressure for becoming an Associated Member of`SEAFOODplus is consistently growing, so we have to ask new applicants to be patient for obtaining membership.


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-  Angulas Aguinaga


-  Rahbek

-  Young's Seafood Ltd

For a small annual membership fee the Associate will receive free of charge first hand information of new research results explained in plain and simple terms. Further, the Associate will have a special, close contact to a research project after own choice among the 20 different projects within SEAFOODplus. Depending on agreement with the project leader and the project team, the Associate may also participate in project meetings and have a representative from SEAFOODplus visit the company. Further agreements can be settled by individual appointment on a case to case basis.

The Associate will also obtain the right to be listed and publish a brief description about the company on the homepage of SEAFOODplus, and a link can be provided to the company’s own homepage. Members having been adopted during the year will be presented with a Certificate of Membership at the following Open SEAFOODplus Conference.

A Model Letter can be downloaded and adapted for the need of the agreement between an Associate and SEAFOODplus.


If you think this offer is something for your company read the documents and contact the SEAFOODplus secretariat manager, Mrs. Jette Donovan Jensen,  jej(at)

Guidelines for adoption of Associated members in SEAFOODplus Adobe Acrobat (R) document
Model letter of Agreement between Associated member and SEAFOODplus Microsoft (R) Word Document