IMPLEMENTATION Blocks of activity

Block 1. New technologies. Responsible partner: 6.SINTEF, other partners: 1.DIFRES, 2.NIFA, 7.AZTI, plus industry partners (month 1-48)

This block will be aimed to evaluate, implement and test advanced technologies for global batch identification and data capture, storage and transmission.

Block 2. Re-engineering for traceability. Responsible partner: 2.NIFA, other partners: 6.SINTEF, 1.DIFRES, 7.AZTI, plus industry partners (month 3-48)

The work will be performed with appropriate teams specially set up for each selected chain that will analyse the chains, will describe in details the materials and information flow, and will quantify the information loss (month 3-15). The need of changes in each link and chain will be introduced as suggested changes in the processing steps that will be finalised with the re-engineering of the processes in order to allow a comprehensive traceability system to be put in place (month 16-48).