Major achievements in CONSUMEREVALUATE

Consumer evaluation and willingness to buy convenience and tailor-made seafood products

Major achievements in 2005

The first part of 2005 consisted of conceptual project work. Established theories for evaluation of consumers’ preferences, attitudes (perceived quality or satisfaction), motivation and intended behaviour have been identified, explored and adapted to the setting of new tailor-made seafood products. Also, the pros and cons by using real products/attributes and real settings versus ‘traditional’ marketing research of consumers have been explored. Relevant constructs, evaluation criteria and products were identified and selected from established literature, from results from project 2.1 CONSUMERSURVEY as well as from information from other pillars. This work is completed and the results are satisfying our objectives and expectations.


The second part of 2005 has consisted of preparing the actual product tests. This work has been evolving during the last months of 2005 and has resulted in the development of the survey instrument, an agreement with a marketing research firm to assist in the data collection and preparation, and final decisions have been made regarding the population, sample and procedures. Also the development of appropriate measurement scales has been started. An initial recruiting process of consumers has been tested, and a revised recruiting procedure will take place in January 2006.


Prof. Svein Ottar Olsen, PhD

NIFA, Norway