Major achievements in REDRISK

Reduction of risk in shellfish harvesting areas

Major achievements in 2004

Activities in REDRISK have to date centred on identifying suitable shellfish harvesting areas for investigation in France, Spain, Ireland and UK. Partners have determined the criteria for sanitary surveys to be used in the study and have identified parameters to be included during the data collection phase. Currently partners are completing sanitary surveys before microbiological and virological sampling commences in June 2006.

The sanitary surveys include gathering existing hydrographical, environmental and microbiological data to identify pollution sources and condition causing microbial contamination. Reports of the sanitary surveys will be produced from individual partners in spring 2005. This will allow a report to be compiled identifying and describing the major pollution sources and harvesting area conditions responsible for microbial contamination of shellfish.

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RTD Pillar 3 Kick off meetings for projects 3.1 REFHEPA and 3.2 REDRISK 07-02-04

Both meetings opened with a short presentation from Bill Dore the coordinator of pillar 3 outlining the structure and strategy of SEAFOODplus in general and Pillar 3 specifically. An emphasis was placed on the need for the two projects to work closely together and to investigate opportunities to link with other research efforts. Potetnial interactions with other pillars within SEAFOOplus were also investigated particulary with Pillar 6 with regard to traceability.

Projectleader REDRISK

Dr. Monique Pommepuy