Major achievements in IMPLEMENTATION

Seafood traceability to ensure consumer confidence: IMPLEMENTATION

Major achievements in 2006

The testing of data capture equipment has mainly been focussing on RFID technology. Continuous tests have been carried out both in the fish chain and in the meat industry. Results (reading distance, and read rates) have improved even more lately. Industrial testing of equipment from new providers will continue on in the case chains and/or on selected sites (i.e. Infratab tags with integrated temeperature loggers). A very useful ‘tool’ has been developed to be used for analysing a chain. This tool has a generic nature and will be used not only in seafood chains, but also in other food chains.


With the aim to contribute to the analysis and improvement of the actual traceability status in the fish processing sector, a traceability mapping was made in a tuna canning industry (ZIZZO BILLANTE HERMANOS), sit in Motrico (Spain). The current information flow was studied and a report with recommendations for improvements including specifications of what changes are needed in each link to ensure that traceability is in place has been constructed. At the same time, a check list for the assessment on traceability systems applied in the fish processing industry has been developed.


Dr. Jostein Storøy

SINTEF, Norway