How to become a member of the SEAFOODplus Research Platform
The information on this page concerned membership of SEAFOODplus Research Platform when this was active 2009-15. Members are now encouraged to join the Seafood subgroup of European Society for Marine Biotechnology,
How can I become a member?
Any entity from a research organisation or a university covering the research area described in the mission can become a member of the SEAFOODplus research platform. This implies that several entities from the same organisation can be a member. The membership fee is dependent on the type of entity. The secretariat is contacted and will give instructions on how a specific membership may be obtained.
The membership fees are the following:
Entity level Euro/year
University or similar
Department or similar
Research group (< 5 people)
Industries and seafood organisations can become an associate member of the SEAFOODplus research platform. An entry fee of 2000 euro has to be paid by regular companies, and 500 euro for SMEs. An industry advisory board is established.
Do I need to be based in Europe to become a member?
No, we welcome members from all over the world, but our primary target for obtaining funds will be the EU. A number of countries outside Europe can also receive funds from programmes launched by the EU. In some cases a consortium must have a partner from e.g. India, China or other specified countries in order to obtain support. In other cases, participation from one of the listed ICPC countries is requested. The SEAFOODplus research platform encourages the use of all possibilities for collaboration on a global scale.
A dynamic organisation
Once a member of the SEAFOODplus research platform has become a coordinator of an EU supported project, he or she will be offered a seat in the Governing Council, thus having the opportunity to impact future priorities within the seafood science. The other opportunity is to work through the Assembly where all members have a seat.

For further information please contact a Management Team member:
Torger Børresen

Joop Luten

Isabel Medina

Jette Donovan Jensen
Secretariat Manager