Our research agenda concerns health and quality aspects, product development and other topics
What is the Strategic Research Agenda?
The SEAFOODplus research platform is approaching the whole value chain from the live fish through processing until the product is being consumed by the consumer, and furthermore the platform address nutrition and health questions with the objective of preventing negative effects of lifestyle diseases. The initial topics adopted by the SEAFOODplus research platform are described below. By becoming a member you will be able to impact the future strategic research agenda, which will be communicated to financing bodies in Europe and elsewhere in the most efficient way.
Quality in a sustainable whole chain approach, including the special requirements for local seafoods and all modern criteria for certifications, like carbon footprints and other requests.
Process and product development in its widest context, including application of bio- and nanotechnology, energy considerations and consequences of global climate changes.
Consumer science covering the understanding of consumerís attitudes toward seafood, eating habits and how culinology may impact consumerís choice.
Health aspects and how seafood in the diet impacts major lifestyle diseases, cognitive abilities and development of the unborn and certain population groups.
Lipids, proteins, amino acids, trace elements from seafood are believed to have metabolic effects beyond known functions of omega-3 fatty acids.
Safety will have emphasis on microbiology, but other aspects will be included.
Aquaculture is important as future supplies of seafood depend on it. Seafood can be tailor-made by including critical components for human nutrition in the feed.
How is the platform managed?

The Governing Council decides the Strategic Research Agenda and considers the adoption of new members to the platform. The management team is responsible for fulfilling the mission  and a secretariat handles administrative and financial matters
What can the platform do for you?

As a member you can benefit from the workshops and conferences arranged, be assisted in finding partners, and you will be alerted about new calls targeting your specific interests. In the long term you will benefit from the lobbying the platform makes towards funding bodies, specifically the EU.