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SEAFOODplus goes to Central and East Europe 26-04-09

SEAFOODplus has been selected by the EU to exhibit during a major conference in Prague 7-8 May 2009 and will use this opportunity to welcome new members from Central and East European countries.


New SEAFOODplus research platform launched 29-03-09

Thursday 26 March 2009 the new SEAFOODplus research platform was officially launched in Brussels. The event was celebrated with a champagne reception.


SEAFOODplus lives on! 17-03-09

A new SEAFOODplus research platform is being launched and 20 members have already signed up. You may also apply and join the launching event in Brussels 26 March.


Are consumers with a medical history of cardiovascular disease eating more fish? 24-11-08

This study investigates differences in motivations for fish consumption and fish consumption behaviour between people from households with or without medical history of cardiovascular disease, using data obtained from the SEAFOODplus pan-European consumer survey in five EU countries.


Improvement in gelation of giant squid surimi 06-09-08

Various methods for setting giant squid surimi was studied during a training visit sponsored by the SEAFOODplus training programme. The results are reported in this Scientific Alert Note.



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