Major achievements in METHODOLOGY

Seafood traceability to ensure consumer confidence: METHODOLOGY

Major achievements in 2005

The first version of the SEAFOODplus/Tracefish vocabulary has now been finished and is available online below and at The new version of the technical Tracefish standard has just been released (this work have been made in the  EU TRACE project). The vocabulary is made as a set of accompanied XML files that the single software developer/company can utilise to make information exchange multilingual in a cost effective, secure and unambiguous way at this  link to the TRACE project.


Access the SEAFOODplus vocabulary files:

Area of Origin Type

Characteristics Type

Check Perfomed Type

Fish Farmed Kind Type

Fishing Method Type

Freshnessgrade EU

Genetic Characteristics Type

Killing Method Type

Loading Technology Type

Measurement Method Type

Net Gross Indicator Type

Processor Kind Type

Product Condition Type

Product Form Type

Production Method Type

Size Grade Method Type

Sizegrade EU

Species Type

Stowage Method Type

Temperature Control Method Type


For update of vocabulary please see Major Achievements in 2006


Projectleader METHODOLOGY

Erling Larsen