Award for best presentation at the SEAFOODplus Conference 4 October


Paw Dalgaard, Danish Institute for Fisheries Research received the award for being the best speaker at the SEAFOODplus Conference 4 October.


An award jury was established to select the best presentation at the Open SEAFOODplus Conference 4 October. It consisted of three members:

Jörg Oehlenschläger Coordinator of Dissemination in SEAFOODplus, Federal Research Centre for Nutrition and Food in Hamburg, Benhan Thomas Editor of the EUROFISH Magazine,

Ingrid Undeland senior research scientists at Chalmers University in Göteborg.



The criteria for selecting the best speaker were based on (1) the scientific content, (2) the quality of the Power Point presentation and (3) the presentation itself i.e. how well the speaker was able to deliver an exciting talk.


The jury chose a presentation they said was like following a thriller. The excellent science was presented with such enthusiasm, that it was obvious the speaker was burning for his work. He fascinated the audience.


The winner was … Paw Dalgaard, Danish Institute for Fisheries Research, for his presentation on ‘Toxic concentrations of histamine and biogenic amines in chilled seafoods – importance of psychrotolerant bacteria’. That is results emerging from the SEAFOODplus project 3.4.


The price was – in addition to the honour – a diploma and a beautiful fish icon.


Fish Icon made by the Danish artist Mette Folmer Jensen.