National Contact Points

A need has been identified to establish a better connection between SEAFOODplus and the industry in the different European countries. As many questions are raised about how to contact SEAFOODplus it is thought that a contact person in each country would provide a good connection between interested parties and SEAFOODplus. The aim of the National Contact Points (NCP) is thus to respond to the need for establishing an active mechanism for communication and feedback to mainly European industry and consumer associations.


‘National Contact Point of SEAFOODplus’ is a title that can be assigned to individuals within the SEAFOODplus consortium, or persons outside, upon recommendation by the ITD team. For some countries more than one person has been assigned as NCP.


The functions of the National Contact Point include the following:


-    Act pro-actively as National Contact Point between SEAFOODplus and the industry or consumer’s associations in the home country of the National Contact Point


-    Reply to national enquires about SEAFOODplus

-    Participate in business meetings of National Contact Point of SEAFOODplus

-    Collaborate pro-actively with the coordinator of ITD 1, Lucay Han-Ching, in making contacts to national associations and with the coordinator of ITD 5, Jörg Oehlenschläger, for dissemination in connection with national exhibitions and conferences.


National Contact Points have been assigned in the countries where SEAFOODplus has members. Please click below to find the following information at the national pages:


-          Contact information and a brief description of the person to contact

-          List of industry associations in each country with necessary contact information given

-          SEAFOODplus consortium members

-          Associates of SEAFOODplus

-          For some countries other relevant information such as contact to consumer organisations is also given