Industry, Training and Dissemination

The objectives of the total Industry, Training and Dissemination (ITD) activities are to ensure involvement of industry, particularly addressing the SMEs, to manage adequate training programs, to manage knowledge by proper dissemination, and to manage Intellectual Property Rights as drafted in the Consortium Agreement. The activities are organised in six blocks, each having defined objectives and planned structure, but as the different actions are highly interconnected it is necessary to have a tight coordination.

ITD 1 Communication to Industry, Consumer and Public Administration
The objective of this activity is to ensure, through the effective cooperation of the end-users’ organisations, that the results produced in the consortium will be exploited and the knowledge adequately disseminated beyond the consortium.
ITD 2 Advanced training and mobility activity
The objective of this activity is to organise a training platform for the industry in order to take advantage of training opportunities inside SEAFOODplus.
ITD 3 Demonstration and SME involvement
The objective of this activity is to develop an opportunity for involving SMEs in the activities of SEAFOODplus, and to run adequate demonstration projects originating from research results obtained.
ITD 4 Creation of new business activities
The objective of this activity is to identify innovative research results within the SEAFOODplus consortium, and to use these to stimulate the creation of new and pioneering business activities.
ITD 5 Dissemination
The objective of this activity is to provide an ambitious plan for disseminating knowledge beyond the consortium, and throughout the project period to develop adequate material for target groups within the industry and the academic world.
ITD 6 Intellectual Property Protection
The objective of this activity is to set up an effective framework to identify, manage, protect and exploit Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) within SEAFOODplus in order to minimise infringement risks. The further objective is - To prepare and maintain a Consortium Agreement containing all essential elements for a sound project management and settle all necessary agreements between the project partners.