Drafting team Consortium Agreement SEAFOODplus: CarmenHormigo (CSIC),Torger Børresen (DIFRES) and Mercdes Costi (CSIC) (From left to right)

ITD Team celebrates granting of SEAFOODplus and finishes document drafting

Planning the start of SEAFOODplus has involved lots of hard work, and it has been difficult to find time for celebrating the granting. But during an intensive working session of the ITD Team in Madrid in November we succeeded in opening the champagne bottles during a break and the picture of the happy team members could be taken. The RTD team had a similar event earlier, already published on the web.

The Commission in October had adopted a draft version of the Technical Annex containing the RTD tasks. At the meeting in Madrid the ITD Team filled in the other required paragraphs for completing the Technical Annex. Further, the team made a thorough consideration of the Consortium Agreement (CA) having been drafted by our expert helpers of legislation, Carmen Hormigo and Mercedes Costi. In the picture you can see the happy coordinator of SEAFOODplus together with our experts, showing the final CA copy.

From left to right: Frederik Bousquie (IFREMER), and ITD team, Lucay Han-Ching (IFREMER), Sjofn Sigurgisladottir (IFL), Torger Børresen (DIFRES), Mercedes Careche (CSIC), Jette Donovan Jensen (DIFRES), Maria Leonor Nunes (IPIMAR), Jörg Oehlenschlager (FRCF), Jim Codd (CIRCA group), Begona Perez Villarreal (AZTI)