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This is the newsletter page for SEAFOODplus.


As long as the SEAFOODplus was operated as an Integrated Project under the 6th Framework Programme of the EU, the dissemination partner Eurofish provided the newsletter service to subscribers. All published newsletters are available at this  link. Click 'Newsletters' when the page opens.


The SEAFOODplus project finished by the end of 2008, and now a new service is being established for sending out newsletters for the SEAFOODplus research platform, which started operation in 2009.


Subscribers who received the earlier newsletter from Eurofish will continue to receive newsletters from the SEAFOODplus research platform.


If you have not been a suscriber to the previous service, you may now sign up for the newsletter by sending a request to the Secretariat Manager Jette Donovan Jensen using the e-mail address