Partner 12: Ghent University, Department of Agricultural Economics (UGent)

 UGent, Belgium extends its activities over economic, marketing and consumer behaviour problems related to agriculture, food and agri-business throughout Europe. Marketing and consumer behaviour theory, qualitative, quantitative and applied marketing research, as well as econometric analysis procedures are implemented. Department of Agricultural Economics is involved in SEAFOODplus. Relevant research activities are mainly in the field of consumer decision-making towards food and influencing factors. Among influencing factors, specific attention has been paid to the role and impact of information and communication (advertising, public health information, negative press) on risk and benefit perception. A lot of work has yet been performed with respect to meat consumption, consumer acceptance of GM food and consumer interest in credence goods (e.g. resulting from organic, animal friendly, or sustainable production methods). The entire research team includes three university professors (Prof. Wim Verbeke, Prof. Jacques Viaene, head of department, and Prof. Xavier Gellynck) and 8 researchers (of whom 2 post-doctoral). Research in the specific field of consumer behaviour towards food and its production methods has yielded over 50 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals during the last 5 years. The department is part of the Faculty of Agricultural and Applied Biological Sciences of Ghent University, which a higher education institution located in the region of Flanders (Belgium) with over 3,500 employees, over 25,000 students and around 119 million Euro yearly R&D expenditures.


Key persons

Prof. Wim Verbeke (project 2.1 CONSUMERSURVEY, project 2.3 SEA-INFOCOM).