Partner 29: University of a Coruña (UDC)

 UDC is a governmental institution composed by different eighteen faculties. This institution has around a thousand teachers and a budget of 84 million euros, of which 70% -58,8 million euros- comes from the Regional Government (Xunta de Galicia) and the rest of budget –25,2 million euros- are self-funding.

The Economic Analysis Department and Business Administration, belongs to the Faculty of Economics and includes three different areas of knowledge:

(1) Organisation,

(2) Marketing and

(3) Economic Analysis.

The philosophy of the department is to create multidisciplinary research groups in which different researchers and teachers can interact. The main research areas are related to the SEAFOODplus including consumer behaviour, internationalisation, industrial organisation, strategies of regional development and cross-border cooperation and research methodologies. The multidisciplinary team involved in SEAFOODplus will strength the implementation of this project, by improving  commercialisation of fishery food products, providing criteria of performance for producers, industry, distributors and public organisations.


Key person

Dr. Domingo Calvo Dopico (project 2.4 CONSUMEREVALUATE).