Partner 30: The University of Glasgow (UGLA)

 UGLA is an Institute of Higher Education in the UK. It is a major research-led university operating in an international context with the fundamental aims of providing education through the development of learning in a research environment, of undertaking fundamental, strategic and applied research, of sustaining and adding value to national culture, the natural environment and the national economy. It had a turnover of 245M in 2001-2002 (including income from research grants and contracts totalling 73M). 95% of its research staff working in subject areas producing international quality research. It has 19,500 full-time students studying in ten faculties and has an excellent tradition of providing high quality teaching and learning. It employs over 5,500 staff and has Europe's largest collection of life scientists working in the Institute of Biomedical & Life Sciences. Within this, the Division of Environmental and Evolutionary Biology comprises 21 academic staff, 19 support staff, 18 post-doctoral researchers and more then 60 postgraduate students. It carries out an active programme of research into various aspects of whole organism biology and includes a Fish Biology Group with an active programme of research into behaviour, life history patterns and ecology of fishes, including the production and welfare of farmed fish.  Research in the Division is supported (in Euro 5.5 million in 2002) by many funding agencies, including the UKs NERC and BBSRC, the Wellcome and Leverhulme Foundations and the EC. The Fish Biology Group will be involved in SEAFOODplus.


Key person

Prof. Felicity Huntingford (project 5.2 ETHIQUAL).