Partner 34: Plant Research International (PRI)

 PRI is located in Wageningen, the Netherlands and is part of the Foundation ‘Stichting Dienst Landbouwkundig Onderzoek’ (DLO). DLO is a large research organisation with approximately 3000 employees and focuses on agriculture, nature conservancy and fisheries. PRI executes a large number of externally financed national and international projects and its total annual turnover is around € 50 million. PRI is an independent research organisation, focused on all parts of plant sciences. On the genetical side of the plant research, there is a strong focus on the one hand on X-omics and on the other hand on breeding and reproduction research and plant genetic resources. The research at PRI is characterised by a multidisciplinary approach of fundamental and applied topics. At the PRI excellent research facilities are present. In this project PRI will make available laboratories, equipment, greenhouses, transport for the project. The proposed project will be directly linked to the projects for quality studies in general and specifically connected to the institute's Allium projects. The Allium group of PRI, which is coordinated by Dr. Olga Scholten. She has taken over this function from Chris Kik, through whom the Allium-group has become one of the leading groups world-wide in Allium genetics and breeding. The group (5-10 researchers) operates on the interface between plant genetics and health (plant and human). On the plant genetics side research is carried out on marker-assisted breeding, genetic transformation, genome analysis (using cyto genetical (GISH, FISH) and molecular biological methods). On the health side research is carried out firstly on plants and this research encompasses breeding for resistance to diseases and pests and secondly on secondary plant compounds beneficial for human health. In case of Alliums these bioactive compounds are organo-sulphur compounds, fructans and flavonoids.


Key person

Dr. Olga E. Scholten (Project 4.4 CONSUMERPRODUCTS).