Partner 35: University of Navarra (UNAV)

 UNAV was founded in 1952. It is an independent University, governed in accordance with its own statutes, which confers official academic degrees. The University’s main campus and most of its Centers are located in Pamplona; other campuses are in the cities of San Sebastián, Barcelona, and Madrid. The University of Navarra is a member of the International Association of Universities, the Community of Mediterranean Universities, the Conference of Universities and Research Centers of the Pyrenees, and the Association of European Universities. There are more the 2.000 people working within the main campus and around 15.000 students. The University offers 33 Doctoral programmes covering the undergraduate degrees which are classified in 4 main areas: (1) Humanities, Law and Social Sciences, (2) Experimental and Technical Sciences, (3) Ecclesiastical Studies and (4) other degrees and diplomas proper to the University. Currently 15 journals concerning different topics (law, medicine, physiology, journalism, philosophy, etc.) are edited within the campus. The University of Navarra has different agreements and projects with other Universities from South America, Asia, United States and Europe. The department of Physiology and Nutrition has carried a number of nutritional intervention studies with different populations (healthy and obese individuals) in the last five years for different companies and organisations (EU). The methods currently developed consider indirect calorimetry stable isotopes determinations, dietary assessment, body composition techniques, many biochemical measurements (COBAS, RIA), among others. The department has obtained funds to investigate different aspects of obesity and human interaction trials from different organisations and Institutions including the EU.


Key person

Prof. J. Alfredo Martínez (project 1.2 YOUNG).