Partner 37: The National School for Engineers in Agricultural and Food Sciences (ENITIAA)

 ENITIAA is a governmental research and education institution. It carries out research in food sciences, food process engineering and forms engineers (100 per year) for the food industries. It has approximately 140 employees and a budget of 5 million Euros, of which 4 million Euros is governmental funding and 1 million Euros is external funding. There are 3 departments of which one is involved in SEAFOODplus: The Laboratory of Food and Industrial Microbiology (LIFM) belonging to the Department of Food Sciences. The Dept. of Food Sciences has a total of 12 professors and assistant professors. The LIMF is responsible for investigations on microbiology of fish products. The Laboratory is concerned with questions related to the quality of the resulting fish products but is not involved with the farming operations. The laboratory expertise concerns (1) physiology and genetic of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) and food bioprotection (mainly inhibition of Listeria monocytogenes by culture of LAB), (2) food biotransformation by LAB, (3) characterisation of bacteriocins produced by LAB and application in food products, and (4) molecular typing of bacteria and molecular microbial ecology are applied in studies of fish products microflora.


Key person

Prof. Hervé Prévost (project 4.2 HURDLETECH).