Partner 39: Animal Sciences Group (ID-Lelystad)

The  Animal Sciences Group of Wageningen University Research Centre offers research, education and expertise on livestock, fish and companion animals. The work is concerned with sustainable methods for food production, sound ecological management of landscape, nature and sea and the social functions that animals fulfil. The in-depth scientific and an application-oriented approach to problems puts the institute in good stead to work alongside its clients towards developing innovative insights and products, to bolster the industry as well as benefit the public domain and society as a whole. The workforce comprises 1100 persons. One of the most important aspects of the research of the Division Nutrition and Food is the quality of animal products in relation to nutrition, livestock husbandry, genetics and other management factors. This requires a multidisciplinary and chain oriented approach.


Key person

Dr. Bert Lambooij (project 5.2 ETHIQUAL).