Partner 4: Wageningen Institute for Marine Resources and Ecosystem Studies (IMARES)

 Wageningen IMARES (formerly known as RIVO) is a subsidiary of Wageningen University and & Research centre. IMARES is a research and consultancy organisation that covers all stages of fish production from the sustainability of the catch up to the appreciation of seafood products by the consumer. Its abilities and strengths in these fields are recognised by national and international fish related communities (governmental and commercial), by the scientific community and by nongovernmental organisations. RIVO has 130 employees with approx 50% of an academic degree. The net R&D turnover is 10 Meuro per year. It has 4 Research Departments of which one department Seafood & Aquaculture (S&A) is involved in SEAFOODplus.The Department S&A is responsible for research in the area of consumer behaviour and appreciation of seafood products, development of quality oriented models in the fresh fish chain and aquaculture of new species (e.g. sole) taking into account the well fare aspects.

Key persons

Rian Schelvis-Smit (project 2.2),

Dr. Adriaan Kole (project 2.4, 4.4),

Dr. Joop Luten (coordinator RTD of pillar 4),

Dr. Hans van de Vis (project 5.2).